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Algae Education

Algae Identification.
Algae is the last thing any person wants to see in their swimming pool.

There are three different types of algae that grow in pools. The most common type is green algae.

Algae Elimination Process

Green Algae:

Green algae can easily be eliminate with super chlorination. It is important to understang why algae grew in your swimming pool to prevent it from occurring in the future.

Yellow or Mustard Algae:

Mustard algae is more resistant to chlorine than green. Eliminating this strand of algae will take extra chemicals, brushing, and time.

Black Algae:

Black algae will generally grow in extremely neglected swimming pools. This form of algae is extremely resistant to chlorine, and requires an ample amount of chemicals to remove from the pool.

Preventing algae growth is very simple when you follow the proper steps in maintaining a swimming pool.

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