Chemcials Used with our Service

In order to prevent any water borne illness, we have to maintain a 3-5ppm Free Chlorine reading at all times. With chlorine at this level, we can maintain the safetly of swimmers and water clarity.

Our service provides every chemical to properly balance and sanitize your swimming pool water. We use muriatic acid, sodium bicabornate, calcium chloride, and cyanuric acid to properly balance your swimmings pools water to ANSI standards.

Chlorinated Pools

Liquid Chlorine

Every week our field operators introduce 12% liquid chlorine to maintain our reccommend 3-5ppm(Free Chlorine).

Salt Water Pools

Salt Generators

Salt water pools require 2,800-3,200ppm of salt and tempertures of at least 60 degrees in order to properly sanitize the water.