What Is Pool Automation? Pool Automation Walnut Creek

Advancements in technology have improved our lives. From garage door remote controls to voice-activated televisions and phone-controlled activated security cameras and light switches, the world of possibilities has opened up for convenience. Your swimming pool maintenance equipment can also be automated.

Pool automation Walnut Creek system allows you to control your pool’s maintenance functions, such as the pump, water features, or heater, with just the push of a button. Typically, you would have to turn on each pool function individually. From the pool pump to the special water features, homeowners with complex pool features can benefit the most from a pool automation system.

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How Does It Work?

A pool automation Walnut Creek system uses a remote control panel that allows you to access all of your pool’s features in one place. Using actuators and relays, the control panel (through your phone or a virtual assistant like Alexa), sends signals to your pool’s equipment to operate how instructed. Usually, this is used to turn on pool pumps, but it can also include lights, water features, and even a pool heater.

Whether you are looking for a brand new pool, want to automate your existing one, or are looking for a pool remodel in Walnut Creek, Star Bright Pool has the answers! Our design and installation experts knows what makes a gorgeous and inviting pool and can help you create the perfect oasis for your home. Contact Star Bright Pool Walnut Creek today for an estimate or to answer any questions you may have. When it comes to pool maintenance and builds, no one does it better than Star Bright Pool.