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Drain & Clean Overview

Why Swimming Pools must be drained.
There are three reasons why the water in the swimming pool would need to be drained. They are TDS, CYA, and High Calcium.

Properties that Effect Water Clarity

Total Dissolved Solids:

This is the sum of all the chemicals present in the water and byproducts from everyday use and sanitation. The reccomended level for TDS is below 1,500ppm.

Cyanuric Acid (CYA):

The main role for cyanuric acid is to protect the chlorine from the Suns UV rays.
Acceptable levels are from 30-70ppm.

We do not recommend using granular chlorine products like Cal-hypo, Tri-Chlor, or Dichlor. They contain cyanuric acid and will raise cya levels.

High Calcuim:

High levels of calcuim will create cloudy water, scaling, and chemical balancing issues.